Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Talking Dog Joke

In Miami:

A boy went to his dad and asked if he could have a dog.  Since the boy had been behaving well and doing good in school, the dad agreed.

He looked in the paper and seen an ad for a talking dog.  The guy had to see it, so he called.  The owner said come on over.

When the man arrived the owner said, "The dog's right in there". 

The man walked in and saw the dog watching tv. The dog said "Hello. How are you?".

The man said, "You really do talk.  How did you become so fluent?"

The dog said "I worked for the TSA at the airport for a while, sniffing luggage for drugs."

"Oh, that's how." the man exclaimed.

"Well, not just that", said the dog "I also was teamed up with the military on special operations in Iraq."

The man turned to the owner and said "I'll take him."

As they were leaving, the man said "I don't know why anyone would want to sell a talking dog."

The owner said "That dog's a liar. He hasn't ever been out of Miami."